Music Monday: Songs to Get You Through the Week

By Mary Elysee Velasco

Mondays: We all dread them. After finally tasting freedom on Friday, the last hours ticking down Sunday night come all too fast. With the hovering thoughts of impending tests, clashing assignment due dates and just simply having to leave bed, Mondays are pretty much a death sentence. But no worries, you’ll get through this like you always do. And here are some songs to help you along the way.

1. Circle of Life

If the initial “AAAAAH ZABENYAAAA” doesn’t get you hyped up and energized, I’d have to call you a liar. This is like our anthem – coffee, papers, ramen, late nights, energy drinks and parties are the college Circle of Life. Play this to inspire you to break out of your blanket cocoon and you’ll feel like a Lion King (or Queen.). You can even look up fun remixes to this old Disney classic, too.

2. Eye of the Tiger

You can’t get very far without this song. Not only is it motivational and will probably make you want to make you work out with all the adrenaline pumping through your veins, but you can also imagine your very own training montage and play it over in your mind as you walk to class. Be sure to run up those steps!

3. Roar

To add on to the lion and tiger (and bears, oh my!) theme we’ve got going on here, why not have “Roar” as well? This new Katy Perry song is fun, lighthearted and empowering. So roar away your fears for the week! Make those exams cower beneath you. If they don’t kill you first, that is.

4. Seven Nation Army

All I can say is “dun, dundundun, dundun, dun.” Click the link and you’ll understand what I mean. Even if this music genre isn’t your cup of tea, you won’t be disappointed. Just don’t get too distracted by its epic-ness that you take too long jamming on your air guitar while getting ready for school and end up missing the bus.

5. Hustle Hard (Remix)

Hustle, hustle, hustle hard, my friend. Put on that mean mug and do that shoulder lean, because all of your assignments and crazy professors will never be able to touch your swag. But please don’t listen to this with children in the near vicinity. Turn down the volume when you see the train of handholding Baby Gators toddling by the Plaza of the Americas.

6. We Are the Champions

“We are the Champions” on a Monday? A little premature, but you already know you got this. When Friday rolls around, take a victory lap and a triumphant mid-jump photo with this song playing in the background.

What songs help you kickstart your week? Let O&B know – leave a comment below!


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