Swamp Talk: Student Government Elections Results

By Karina Cuevas

Photo Source: Rachel Crosby, Alligator Staff
Photo Source: Rachel Crosby, Alligator Staff

The results of the student government elections were announced last Wednesday night in the Reitz Union breezeway. The cheers came from the victorious Swamp Party, who won 48 out of 50 Senate seats.  While the annoying hassling from candidates around campus may be over, it’s important for students to know what happens next.

With the Swamp Party now in place, here are a few of the elected party’s current goals to improve UF (as mapped on its platform):

  • Finding more campus meeting space for student organizations
  • Installing more student organization tables in Turlington Plaza
  • Decreasing parking restricting at Southwest Recreation Center
  • Increasing water bottle refilling stations across campus
  • Expanding free printing in residence halls
  • Increasing scooter parking in Norman Garage
  • Creating a live GPS bus tracking screen at the Hub
  • Working with RTS to install bus awnings on Archer Road

You can learn more about Swamp Party and their platform at www.swamppartyuf.com


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