Swamp Talk: The Most Underemployed Majors

By Kelsey Meany

Now not only do you have to worry about being unemployed, you have to worry about being underemployed after college. Yay!

Monster released a report, which used statistics from a Payscale study that looked into which college majors struggle the most with underemployment (working below one’s skill level). That gives us college students just another reason to worry.

What’s shocking is that your business admin major roommate, who you always thought was going to get a job based solely on the sheer amount of time they spend in a suit, actually ranks as the most underemployed major. The article said this is most likely because the degree is most often just a step into graduate school – in other words, an MBA program.

Criminal Justice majors, who tie for the place of third with drama and theater arts, hold the spot because in most cases, jobs in that career field do not require a four-year a degree. Security guard starts looking pretty good for the post-grad who can’t get any other job.

The list goes as follows:

7. Psychology

6. History

5. Liberal Arts

4. Anthropology

3. (Tie) Drama and Theater Arts

3. (Tie) Criminal Justice

1. Business Administration and Management

In a personal victory, journalism does not show up on this list – probably because newspaper-driven majors can’t even get a job in the first place. But hey, let’s celebrate this small little beacon of hope.


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