Fashion Friday: Fab for $5

By Mary Elysee Velasco

I am by no means a fashion guru. One glance through my random-cartoon-tees-and-high-low-skirt-filled closet would make you think I have multiple personality disorder. Or, at least make you think I’m confused about what style I’m trying to go for. Fashion has eluded me, and it was because I always thought you had to have the cha-ching to look like bling-bling.  But you can look good for less!

With $20 and determination in my pocket, I ventured out to find an outfit at one of the most hit-or-miss places in Gainesville: Goodwill.


Shopping at Goodwill takes a stroke of luck. Shirts, skirts and pants are usually $4, but you’ll have to kiss a lot of frogs before you get the royal treatment. If you’re feeling wary about sorting through a hodgepodge of racks, Goodwill does have an online listing, and there is a store called $5Fashions dedicated to this sort of thing.

But if you don’t mind digging for a treasure, maybe you’ll find a few statement pieces for $ 5 or less things, like I did. (Excuse my iPhone-quality photos.)

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Share your thrift shop surprises by commenting below!

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