Music Monday: Motivating Playlists

By Tova Miller

Trying to overcome those Bourbon Street hangovers and heading into another week of midterms can seem pretty daunting. Check out these playlists to make this week’s shuffle in to next weekend the best that it can be.

Here are some playlists to help you make it through the week.

Need some smooth jams to calm those nerves and avoid headaches?

Need a pick me up?  

Need some music to work out to?

Getting in that Autumn mood?

Looking for a new band to listen to?

Check out the Bear’s Den, a band from the United Kingdom. In my opinion, they are currently flying under the radar and will soon be making a big break. I discovered Bear’s Den at the Mumford and Son’s music festival in St. Augustine, Fla. last month.

You are probably wondering who the heck is this band? I had never heard of them before the festival either, but their acoustic approach and folk sounds won me over. Their song “Pompeii” is, by far, my favorite.

Have a great week filled with wonderful music. Be sure to comment with any of your music suggestions.


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