Music Monday: What’s Going on with Hip-Hop, Gainesville?

By Kendrick Brown

There’s this myth around Florida that Gainesville has an awesome music scene. However, that myth must not apply to hip-hop.

Gainesville has a problem: It seemingly only allows one relevant hip-hop act in town per year. This year it was Kendrick Lamar. Last year it was Drake. While those are arguably two of the most famous hip-hop artists currently releasing music, their concerts were almost exactly a year apart and there hasn’t been anything since Lamar’s concert in February.

This can get annoying when you’re constantly seeing advertisements for some rock band or EDM DJ. I figured that maybe Gainesville promoters and UF’s RUB Entertainment couldn’t think of any relevant hip-hop artists who have affordable performance fees (because Jay-Z and Kanye West obviously aren’t coming here).

On the High Dive’s website, the two most prominent rappers they have set to perform in Gainesville this semester are Blowfly and Caskey. Who are they?

Gainesville promoters, stop guessing on what you think hip-hop fans want to hear and, instead, choose from the list of moderately-famous rappers below ordered by who I presume would be the least expensive act to the most expensive.

Artists Who Are So New They’ll Perform Anywhere

  1. Chance the Rapper
  2. Joey Bada$$
  3. Trinidad James
  4. A$AP Ferg
  5. Danny Brown

Artists Known to Perform in College Towns

  1. Pusha T
  2. Juicy J
  3. Big Sean
  4. Wiz Khalifa
  5. 10.  Macklemore

Who are some of your favorite hip-hop artists that you’d like to see come to Gainesville? Let us know below!

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