Swamp Talk: UF’s Best (and Worst) Student Jobs

“College is cheap!” (Said no one ever.) Parties, concerts, food – and, oh yeah – tuition. If you’re up to your eyeballs in student loans, you want to add to your resume, or you’re just plain bored, check out these campus jobs. They’re killer – in more ways than one.

Why it’s awesome: One word: men. Well, assuming you’re into that. But even if you’re not into getting paid to ogle muscular guys in a non-creepy fashion, there are plenty of other perks for those who work in athletics at UF. If you’re fit and you love Richard Simmons, you can apply to be a group fitness instructor for students. Make money dancing Zumba, kickboxing or doing yoga. With RecSports you can even referee for intramural sports, which means you hold all the power and make the calls – at least until the buzzer rings.

Why it bites: The funny thing about a gym is that it will, in fact, have sweat. Body odor is part of the deal when working at an athletic facility. Beside that, you’ll face cleaning the facilities and dealing with meatheads — an especially exhausting task.

Why it’s awesome: Um, can you say free concerts? The O’Dome hosts countless speakers, bands, comedians and sporting events, and if you usher those events, you basically stand around and watch a free performance. Employees of the O’Dome are also reportedly some of the highest-paid student workers at UF. Cash-money, people.

Why it bites: Celebrities and exciting events get people riled up, and it’s likely you’ll have to deal with a psycho-fan from time to time. Holding back stampedes and organizing chaotic lines is also a certainty. Another con? After events are over and attendees are finally gone, you get the privilege of tearing down the event.

Academic Technology*
Why it’s awesome: Some of the most common AT jobs include working at the computer labs and in the Help Desk at the Hub. These jobs are known for one thing: they’re easy. In the labs, unless a freshman asks you how to print or how to crop a picture on PhotoShop, you’re free to chill in front of the computer at the front desk and watch “The Walking Dead” on Netflix — er — finish your homework.

Why it bites: Nabbing a great job doesn’t come without it’s negatives. To work at the labs and Help Desk, you have to go through extended technology training that takes up some of your free nights for awhile (but even that’s a good thing, really, because you’re getting paid to be proficient in technology and software). Exhausting hours are also in the stars for you, as you may be required to at times work the early or overnight shifts at the labs.
*The computer labs are hiring right now, so click the link below to apply if you’re interested.

Why it’s awesome: This is obvious, guys. You’ll be working in food, which means you’ll snag free meal vouchers and tasty snacks throughout your shift. “Oops, did we make you the wrong Frappucino? No problem, we’ll drink it for you!” OK, maybe that’s not exactly how it is, but you will definitely get the occasional free chow-down.

Why it bites: Ew — food. We all know humans are the grossest creatures on the planet, and you, my dear, have the pleasure to clean up after them. Think crusty spaghetti, sticky tables and used napkins. It’s the dirtiest of dirty jobs, and you definitely won’t have time to take a breather.

Why it’s awesome: I work at SNAP, so pardon my unethical bias, but I think it’s one of the best jobs on campus. You do two things with SNAP: drive or sit, and navigate; not exactly complicated. I love working for SNAP because I get paid to cruise campus, meet people and listen to music, which is good enough for me. I have seen so many hilarious and insane things happen on campus in the dark of the night, and I could get around campus with my eyes closed. It’s also one of the highest-paying campus jobs — you even get a raise after being an employee for one year.

Why it bites: SNAP is for student safety, but what it ends up becoming is a drunk bus for wasted idiots. People who ride SNAP can be entertaining and friendly, but they can also be belligerent and incredibly rude. They also throw up. In addition to the occasional vomit duty, SNAP is run by UPD, which means the hiring process is rigorous, and when on the job, you have to know and use police codes.

None of these jobs do it for you? Check out https://jobs.ufl.edu/ to search open positions and learn about working at UF.

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