Wellness Wednesday: Healthy Sleeping Habits

By Emily Stanton

Photo by Ed Yourdon
Photo by Ed Yourdon

Don’t let midterms turn you into a zombie. Getting a full night’s rest will keep you alert, refreshed and ready to tackle any essay question. Here are some tips to help you catch some Z’s.

1. Have a schedule
According to the National Sleep Foundation, our sleep-wake cycle is regulated by a “circadian clock” in our brain. When we have a regular bedtime our clock function is strengthened, and we are more rested as a result. Going to sleep at the same time (even on the weekend) and waking up at the same time will help you make the most out of your rest.

2. Get comfy
Sleep should be relaxing. When you are more relaxed you fall asleep easier and stay asleep longer. Take the time to make your room the best possible sleeping space. Invest in a good mattress and comfy pillows. If you are in a dorm try a foam topper.

3. Try not to nap
The temptation to nap is strong, especially around exam time when studying stresses us out. However, excessive napping can disturb your sleep cycle. Keep napping to a minimum, and get most of your sleep at night. If you are going to nap, keep it 20 minutes or less.

4. Use white noise
If you have trouble falling asleep due to a racing mind, try introducing white noise to your sleep routine. Concentrating on a continuous, soothing noise can help you clear your mind and relax. White noise can be the hum of a fan, an audiobook or the sound of a waterfall – pretty much anything that you can zone out to.

Do you know any healthy sleeping habits? Leave a comment below!


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