Fashion Friday: ’90s Revival

By Dana Burke

I can’t watch “Clueless” without having major wardrobe envy. Cher Horowitz was living every girl’s dream with her closet app that let her pick out outfits with the touch of a button.

But even though I have to pick out my clothes by hand every morning, one thing remains the same between then and now: Plaid skirt suit sets are in style.

Yes, you read that right. The ‘90s are having a major revival in 2013. From Nirvana grunge to “Clueless” prep, it’s all in trend.

Here are the top four looks to bring back from your childhood wardrobe. Scrunchies and best friend bracelets are optional.

The Fuzzy Sweater


Technically it’s called an eyelash yarn sweater, but whatever. The fuzzy material is perfect for the chilly fall nights ahead. Try it in a cardigan version from Forever 21 (left) for $27.80 in black or mustard. Or if you’re feeling especially ‘90s, go for the Mink Pink Hissy Fit Crop Top from Nasty Gal (right) for $58. The glitter-infused fabric will make you want to break out your old Lisa Frank journal.



I’m not sure why overalls from the past seem so dorky. These days, the denim coverall has been refined into a very chic and stylish piece. In skirt versions, pants versions and shorts versions, there are endless possibilities for styling. Try the Teen Dream Denim Jumper from Nasty Gal (left) for $58, the BDG Denim Overall from Urban Outfitters (center) for $69 or the Tribal Print Overall Shorts from Forever 21 (right) for $24.80 for a look that’s screams casual ‘90s.

The Floral Crop Top


Let’s be honest. No one rocks a crop top quite like Kelly Kapowski, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try. The Forever 21 Floral Grunge Crop Top (left) for $12.80 and the ThreadSence Garden Glow Crop Top by Reverse (right) for $30, both have matching skirts. These outfits are definitely Zack Morris-approved.

The Plaid Mini-Skirt


Thought your days of wearing plaid skirts were over? As if. The mini-skirt trend is back in a big way with a bold printed pattern. The Kaitlee Skirt from Brandy Melville (left) for $32, the Zara Checked Mini Skirt (center) for $79.90 or the Edgy Plaid Skirt from Forever 21 (right) for $19.80 will have you blasting Britney’s “…Baby One More Time” on repeat.


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