Fashion Friday: Louboutin’s Perfect Match

By Georgia Warren

Image Courtesy:
Image Courtesy:

As a woman who is, well, vertically challenged, I have memorized all of the tricks in the book to elongating my legs and giving the illusion of height. It seems to be a common trick of the trade to wear all black or nude heels, but Christian Louboutin has just taken it a step further. Though as a college student, his genius creation is just a little out of budget, I can’t help but applaud his latest shades of nude. Louboutin has released a line of nude shoes designed to match your skin tone. Much like the cosmetics lines brag with their skincare products, these shoes are intended to give a somewhat custom match to the client’s skin tone.

The heels come in five shades that can be previewed on the Louboutin Shades app. The free app allows the customer to snap a shot of their foot and be matched to the right shade of nude. For us college students who can’t drop THAT much cash on a pair of heels, maybe take a peek at the app and find out what color you should be looking for in stores.  I don’t doubt the rich and famous will be parading these high-class heels in no time. I’m sure the red bottoms distract from the perfect match, but somehow I don’t think anyone will mind.

Check out the app here.


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