Music Monday: Playlists to Get You through Any Situation

By Brock Seng

It’s Sunday night and you’re sitting behind your computer on iTunes messing around because you want some new music. You’re wondering what to buy but you just don’t know. You want something that speaks to you; something that will capture your heart and soul; something that you can just pull out whenever you feel down and out. Or happy. Or joyous. Or you just want to go on a car ride. You need playlists for each of these moments. And I am here to give you a head start on those playlists:


The Break Up Playlist:

She took a knife, cut out your heart, ripped it in half and put it back inside you. You two are over. Your heart is broken. And you need music to heal your wounds:

  1.  “Go To Hell” by Go Radio
  2. “The Last Something That Meant Anything” by Mayday Parade*
  3. “To The Moon And Back” by Dead and Divine
  4. “Cute Without The E – Cut From The Team (Acoustic)” by Taking Back Sunday
  5. “Casablanca Sucked Anyways” by A Day To Remember

* Author’s Note – Honestly, listen to any song by Mayday Parade from their first EP, A Tales Told By Dead Friends, or their first album, A Lesson In Romantics. They’re all great breakup songs. This is just the best.


The Drive And Never Look Back Playlist:

You need to get away. School is getting to you. Life is dragging by. You hop in your car, windows down and fly down I-75 going nowhere but going anywhere but here.

  1. “Anna Sun” by WALK THE MOON
  2. “Carousel” by Blink-182
  3. “Born To Die” by Lana Del Rey*
  4. “Walls” by Emery
  5. “Bitch, Don’t Kill My Vibe” by Kendrick Lamar

* Author’s Note – Honestly, any song by Lana Del Rey is a great song to just drive along to. I mean, she even has a song about it called “Ride.” Lana Del Rey helped me personally get through some really, really long drives here recently.


The “I Think I’m In Love Now” Playlist:

Butterflies and the feelings of being in love. Your smile never leaves your face. They leave the room and you miss them. Yeah, you think you’re in love now.

  1. “Breathe” by Sienna Skies
  2. “Swing Life Away” by Rise Against
  3. “I Will Follow You Into The Dark” by Death Cab for Cutie
  4. “Clouds” by Zach Sobiech
  5. “Such Great Heights” by Iron & Wine


The Relaxed Playlist:

You and your friends are partaking in activities that cause your body to relax. You don’t want to hear T-Swift, that’s for another time and another mind frame.

  1. “Steamroller” by Domo Genesis*
  2. “Up” by Tyler, The Creator
  3. “Molasses” by Earl Sweatshirt
  4. “Higashi Loves You” by Hodgy Beats
  5. “Goon’n” by MellowHigh

* Author’s Note – Domo Genesis and now MellowHigh are the kings of these types of songs. Pick up anyone one of their CDs, all found on, and give them all a listen.


The Road Trip Playlist:

It’s a pile of you and your friends inside a car. You’re heading out west. It’s a cross-country road trip. It’s time to let go and be free.

  1. “Young Blood” by The Naked and Famous
  2. “Safe and Sound” by Capital Cities
  3. “Midnight City” by M83
  4. “Clarity” by Zedd
  5. “Time To Pretend” by MGMT


The Missing You Playlist:

Are they gone forever? Maybe. They’re probably just home for the summer but, regardless, you miss them. A lot. And you need music to save your depressed soul.

  1. “Sparks” by Jesse Woods
  2. “Wish You Were Here” by Pink Floyd
  3. “I Miss You” by Blink-182
  4. “The Boys of Summer” by The Ataris
  5. “Blurry” by Puddle of Mudd


The Playlist To Help You Out During The Dark Times Playlist:

Life isn’t always a cakewalk. No one said it would be. And sometimes, sad music is what can help you out the most. Sometimes realizing you aren’t alone is the best medicine there is. Sometimes realizing your favorite bands have gone through the same things is exactly what you need.

  1. “Your Revolution Is A Joke” by Funeral for a Friend
  2. “Watch Me Bleed” by Scary Kids Scaring Kids
  3. “High And Dry” by Radiohead
  4. “Something To Remind You” by Staind
  5. “Maybe We’ll Make It After All” by Stages & Steroes


The Saying Goodbye Playlist:

When you miss someone, your heart really hurts. But a lot of the time you miss someone that is just away for a while: a soldier at war; a girlfriend back home; your parents while you’re at college. You say goodbye, and goodbyes suck. But what if those goodbyes are your last?

  1. “Pieces” by Red
  2. “Forever My Father” by Go Radio
  3. “Gone Too Soon” by Simple Plan
  4. “Jesus Christ” by Brand New
  5. “You Found Me” by The Fray

And that’s it. You have a start to some playlists for all the times of your life you may need them. I have thousands of song recommendations and cutting these down to five songs per list was not an easy task. If you’re looking for anymore recommendations, email me at and I can help you further expand your listening playlist. Or, maybe you even have some songs to recommend to me. I’m always open for suggestions.

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