Music Monday: Mashups You’re Missing Out on

By Mallory Schindler

Some of the best films are recreations of classics. And the idea to sample, steal or reinvent hasn’t just been used by movie makers- artists and musicians are also bumming off the old to create the new. So today, we honor MASHUPS.

1. Little Wrecking Ball

Impressive, right? The notes don’t match up perfectly, as my snobby musician boyfriend points out, but the tempo is right on target. What better way to make Miley Cyrus even more hipster than to add folk band Mumford & Sons as her backup? I think this one’s a hit.

2. Stand By Me, Beautiful Girls

This mashup is one that I dreamed about for years, and someone was finally smart enough to make it. I love the way this sounds. “Stand by Me” is such a classic, but when you add a little reggae vibe, it just takes it up a notch. Kudos to Sean Kingston for sampling from a master.

3. Tik…Flop?

Maybe it’s just me, but this Kesha addition is a little too weird. Though I appreciate a Disney remix as much as the next 90s-VHS-watching kid, I’m not sure the little Mermaid brushes her teeth with a bottle of Jack. But hey, at least it’s something different. Enjoy!

4. Stayin’ Alive in the Wall

Yes. Just yes. I detest the Bee Gees and their obnoxious falsetto, but I hate them significantly less with some Pink Floyd-edge mixed in. It’s a dark twist on an old party favorite, and it’s perfect.

5. Toxic in the Deep

While I mourn the interference with Britney Spears’ BEST SONG EVER (Don’t argue with me.), I welcome the addition of a vocal miracle like Adele. “Toxic” is forever a winner, and this mashup gave me the chance to be un-sick of “Rolling in the Deep.”

Any other mashups you’re enamored with? Comment below!

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