Fashion Friday: Glasses for a Cause

By Ben Paikowsky 

So I used to think it was normal to not be able to see anything or read anything more than 15 feet away. Then, after a couple missed appointments, I went to the eye doctor. Long story short: glasses were needed, and my eyes were finally open.

For a couple years, I had the most typical glasses available. I don’t even know how to describe them other than to say they looked like 200 other pairs in the store. Then, a friend told me about Warby Parker.

Warby Parker is a company that sells prescription glasses and sunglasses. The styles are atypical and the prices are far more reasonable than other “high-class” glasses. A pair of glasses shipped with a prescription runs at $95- for any pair.

One more thing–Warby Parker donates a pair of glasses to someone in need for every pair sold. They announced in July 2013 that over 500,000 pairs of glasses have been distributed so far.

Check out their glasses at to see what they have to offer. Take a look at the Whiskey Tortoise Crane; my first pair.

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