Then & Now: Our Favorite Colorful ’90s Trends

by Nicole Germany

Growing up in the ‘90s was nothing short of magical. From the iconic fashions to the colorful culture, the decade will forever hold a special place in our hearts. But as we all age into our 20s and beyond, it’s time to realize how far we’ve come from our multicolored overalls and accessories doused with glitter.

Photo Courtesy of Anita Hart
Photo Courtesy of Anita Hart

Slap Bracelets vs. Apple Watch
The Apple Watch will debut in early 2015 to help you stay in touch, stay in shape and keep you on schedule, but what came before the Apple Watch? Slap bracelets took the ‘90s by storm, slapping on to wrists everywhere. Although they couldn’t keep you connected on the go, they did come in an array of fashionable prints, such as leopard print and polka dot.

Regular headphones vs. Beats by Dre headphones
In the ‘90s all headphones looked the same – boring and black. Now you can get headphones customized to fit your exact style. Even though they can be a bit more expensive than they once were, headphones like Beats by Dre give you the ability to stand out by choosing your own design or color.

Blockbuster vs. Redbox and Netflix
Blue and yellow used to be the dominant colors when it came to movie rentals, but now it’s all about red. Thanks to companies like Netflix and Redbox, renting movies can be done with the click of a button (and minimal late fees).

Passing notes vs. texting
There was no better feeling than getting a note from your best friend after third period. The doodles were on point (Anyone else remember blow pens?), the gossip was juicy, and, of course, it was folded into a complex shape. Nowadays, tangible notes are thrown out the window, and all we get is a few letters and an emoji on a phone screen – if we’re lucky.

The days of collecting gel pens and trading Pokémon cards has seemingly vanished, and the culture of technology and entrepreneurship has taken over. Although we will cherish those colorful days, a new era is here to stay.


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