Top 3 Treats for Fall From Gigi’s Cupcakes

by Lauren Richardson

Gigi’s Cupcakes on Southwest Archer Road may be relatively new to the area, but they’re old pros in the cupcake business. The menu changes daily, and it offers a variety of cookies, cheesecakes, pies, cupcakes and holiday specials that look more like works of art than dessert.

In honor of fall, we’re bringing you two of Gigi’s most popular cupcakes and one new seasonal creation. Try not to drool on your computer.

Photo by Lauren Richardson
Photo by Lauren Richardson

Scarlett’s Red Velvet
Red velvet and cream cheese frosting go hand in hand, and any fan of the combination will definitely love this classic cupcake. Scarlett’s features moist red velvet cake with a sweet vanilla filling. Smooth, thick cream cheese frosting artfully adorns the cake. A white chocolate heart and red sprinkles top it off, making it look every bit as elegant as it tastes.

Photo by Lauren Richardson
Photo by Lauren Richardson

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough
With this blend of two well-loved sweets, it’s easy to see why the chocolate chip cookie dough cupcake is one of Gigi’s best sellers. Chocolate chip cookie cake is topped with cookie dough frosting, chocolate chips and a miniature cookie. Although it may seem like cookie overload, it balances very well. The frosting is thick and creamy, and the cookie is delicious. You can’t go wrong with this one.

Photo by Lauren Richardson
Photo by Lauren Richardson

Spiced Apple Cider
Although it may not feel like fall yet, Gigi’s has a new Autumn-inspired treat to help get the ball rolling. Before even taking a bite, you can smell the apple and cinnamon in the air. This apple cake has an apple butter filling, an apple cider buttercream frosting with a cinnamon sugar pretzel and an apple chip on top. It’s very… apple-y. For those who love all things fall, it’s definitely worth a try.

Individual cupcakes at Gigi’s are $3.25. Gigi’s website is currently promoting its Boo Box, which is filled with 12 mini Halloween-themed cupcakes. It’s only available until Oct. 31, so get a tasty treat and a sweet deal while you still can.


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