Picking the Perfect Roses for Holiday Gifts

by Noelia Trujillo

Courtesy of Noelia Trujillo
Courtesy of Noelia Trujillo

When the temperature starts to cool down, you know it’s that time of year: gift-giving season. With several holidays coming up, it’s never too soon to gather ideas on what to give friends and loved ones. A gift that will never steer you wrong? Roses.

You may think it’s cliché to give someone roses on a big day, and I admit, I used to think so, too. But the truth is, there’s so much more to gifting this elegant flower than you think. Centuries ago, people used floriography, the gifting of different colored flowers, to convey secret messages that may have been taboo or forbidden to say aloud. Nowadays, we have our own form of this language where we use various flower colors to express different emotions.

Learn the meanings behind these colored roses so you can pick the perfect shade for your occasion:

Red – This classic color isn’t just for Valentine’s Day or TV shows like “The Bachelor.” Its bold message of love, romance and desire can be expressed year-round. If you’re handing out ruby roses, make sure you have passionate feelings for the person receiving them.

Yellow – Often associated with brightness and sunshine, it is no wonder this color means joy and friendship. Stick to reds and pinks for lovers, but opt for yellow roses when gifting to your friends.

White – Traditionally, this color means spirituality and purity, which is why they’re often associated with weddings. These flowers also mean honor, sympathy and remembrance and can be the perfect gift to honor a veteran or give to someone who lost a loved one serving our country.

Pink – Though this flushed color also symbolizes love, it’s meant to be less intense than red. It also expresses admiration and gratitude. There’s no sweeter way to show your gratitude for someone this Thanksgiving than with pink roses.

Lavender – Just because this color isn’t a common flower choice doesn’t mean it’s not a good one. Lavender roses express enchantment, royalty and elegance. Aside from telling someone they are your princess or Prince Charming, these might be a good New Year’s gift for wishing someone riches in 2015.

Blue – This color doesn’t grow naturally, so it often symbolizes dreaming or reaching for something hard to attain. You wouldn’t want to tell someone they’re seeking the impossible, but you can use this beautiful color to encourage someone to pursue his or her aspirations, no matter how difficult the journey ahead. If you know any graduating seniors this season (especially orange and blue loving Gators), these roses are a thoughtful gesture.

(Sources: theflowerexpert.com, Sensational Color)

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