3 Gift Ideas for Even the Most Stubborn Gift-Receivers

By Nicole Germany

We’ve all probably had that one friend who’s seemingly impossible to shop for. We rack our brain for days trying to think of a great gift but always end up giving them a gift card. Instead of giving plastic this winter, put some more thought into your present. Get creative, get crafty and incorporate what they really like into something that will truly make them smile.

Think Food
Who doesn’t love something tasty in their tummies? Whether it’s chocolate or honey ham, you can’t go wrong with food. Think of a theme, and play off of it to spark some inspiration for multiple small gifts. For example, make a basket with two or three one-of-a-kind bottles of hot sauce, crackers, cheese and a choice of meat like salami for a lover of all things spicy. You may not be spending that much on the gift, but it shows you put a lot of thought into it.

Photo by Nicole Germany
Photo by Nicole Germany

Think Fun
As I said before, themes are your best friend! If you know anything about the person you’re shopping for, pick some of his or her favorite things and build off of that. If you have a friend who loves cats, get cat-related items like mugs, décor or T-shirts. Does your dad love to fish? Buy him all the essentials for railing in the biggest catch.

Photo by Nicole Germany
Photo by Nicole Germany

Think Outside the Box
When searching for the perfect gift, be open to something both useful and fun. Urban Outfitters has a page on its website dedicated to finding the perfect gift for your loved one. I found this fun pack of whisky cubes for $24 that cools drinks without diluting them. The store also has a wide range of iPhone accessories, such as a fish eye photo lens and a star projector that allows you to view the night sky indoors.

Photo by Nicole Germany
Photo by Nicole Germany

Even though the holiday season isn’t all about the gifts, shopping for the perfect present really does mean a lot more when some thought is put into it, and that is priceless.

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