New Year’s resolutions by the numbers

By: Ellen Villafuerte

It’s the same thing every year –– people decide that with the new year comes new habits, whether it’s going to the gym more, eating better, or quitting smoking, to name a few. But as most people know, not everyone can or wants to keep that promise he or she made when the clock struck 12 on the last night of 2014. Here are New Year’s resolutions by the numbers.

  • The amount of people who often make a resolution: 45 percent

Almost half of Americans make resolutions to form new and healthy habits, which is not too shabby. But if you’re impressed by that amount, you might be disappointed by the amount of people who actually stick to it.

  • The amount of people who stick to their resolution: 8 percent

With only 8 percent of people forming a habit, it’s safe to say that sticking to new habits are hard, which why people tend to give up on their resolution so quickly.

  • The number of days it takes to stick to a habit: ???

Most people have heard of and stick to the saying that it takes 21 days to form a habit, but studies have shown there’s no definitive proof to that statement. Although the average number of days varied greatly, a study done in Britain showed that the average number of days it took for participants to form a habit was 66 days –– way far off from what we’ve been thinking this whole time.

  • The most popular New Year’s resolution: to lose weight

It’s easy to see why a lot of people make losing weight and eating better as their resolution. The New Year comes not too long after holidays that involve a lot food: Christmas and Thanksgiving dinners. Don’t forget about that bowl of candy “left out for trick-or-treaters” on Halloween. With fewer holidays to worry about in the spring, it makes sense to start then, and it’s why the gym may seem a lot more busy than usual –– though that doesn’t ever seem to last long.

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