What Your Watch Says About Your Personality


By: Taryn Tacher

A watch does more than merely tell time. It says a lot about the type of person who is wearing it. There are so many aspects of a watch: the face, the bezel, the band and what all of those parts are made of. In a way, watches have their own personalities that reflect the characteristics of their wearers.


If your watch has Roman numerals, you’re a little old-fashioned. Maybe you’re an intellectual, or maybe you just appreciate the classic things in life. If your watch has Arabic numerals, telling time is quick and easy. You’re probably more interested in its time-telling capabilities than its fashion. If your watch doesn’t have any numerals, it is more of a statement piece of jewelry than a functional one. Watches without numerals are often trendy.


If your watch has a rubber band, you’re versatile and probably athletic. You can wear this watch while you’re working out or while just working. If your watch has a leather band, you are polished. Your watch is durable, yet sophisticated. If your watch has a metal band, it was made to last. You are timeless, and your taste is unchanging.


Most watches have round faces, which reflect time’s infinite nature. If your watch is oval, square or any other shape, you are an individual. You appreciate things that are unique.



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