Social Media Detox

By Jeremiah Corley

My alarm goes off at 7 a.m. every morning. I roll over to the other side of my bed where my phone is gently resting on my bedside table. I unlock my phone to be flooded by social media notifications from Instagram, Facebook, Twitter etc. Instead of going on a morning run or catching up on reading I choose to sit on my phone for 30 minutes scrolling through an endless feed that is doing nothing beneficial for my well-being.

Anyone can obviously see how social media has shaped our present culture. Just take a look around. Millennials are constantly on their phones snapchatting pointless selfies in class or instagramming their lunch (I’m guilty).

The issue is that many cannot even fathom the idea of going more than a day without their timelines and feeds. But, it’s hard to draw the line between social media and one’s private life. Nowadays, social media is used as a way of communication for many jobs or organizations. People claim that they want to strip themselves from social media but will their efficiency and work suffer because of it?

The social-media opinion can be defined as a spectrum. You have those who claim to be “off the grid,” which is absurd in my opinion because you’re not really off the grid, you just have strong feelings about making your life public. On the other end are the crazed snapchatters and instagrammers that post incessant and monotonous content.

Processed with VSCOcam with s2 preset

The only social media platform that I have successfully deleted and felt content was Snapchat. A friend told me horror stories of witnessing a multitude of strangers say “I wanna Snapchat us” over and over again until they found a willing stranger to photograph them so their friends could see them for a whole 10 seconds. I even caught myself taking time to send a Snap of my coffee to my friends. Do they really care what my coffee looks like? No.

The only feeling that I have truly felt from Snapchat is anger in relation to me being mad when I see that my friends are hanging out without me. Since it was deleted I have felt more present in my daily routine and try to only go on other platforms when needed.

Beauty cannot be defined by a filter or the angle of a photo. For just a moment if you take the time to truly listen and be present to what’s happening around you, you’ll notice the details of life that make it so extraordinary.






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