The Relief In Keeping Your Place In Check

By LaResia Golden

The aroma of lavender and the whisper of the wash cycle are the simple things most comforting to me. The rhythmic motion of a mop and the fluff of a pillow are even more pleasing. Not only do I find great comfort in a clean home, but I also find comfort in house cleaning. A weekly ritual, I look forward to completing chores. Doing so relaxes me. As I wash away dirt and grim, I also wash away discontent.

Cleaning and organizing makes you feel in control and lessens tensions.  The immediate sensation of accomplishment once cleaning is done also lightens your mood.  A study, conducted by students at Florida State University, found that mindfully washing dishes can alleviate stress. People who focused on smelling the soap, feeling the water temperature and touching the dishes as they washed them showed a 25 percent increase in their feelings of inspiration and a 27 percent decrease in nervousness. Those who did not wash the dishes mindfully did not gain any benefits from the task.


Putting everything in its place is as satisfying as checking items off a “To Do” list. Making the bed completes my morning routine. Placing a coat on its hanger and back into the closet puts me at ease. A bathroom sink without hand soap residue and a vanity free of makeup madness is soothing. The placement of finger nail polish on a rack according to its name and color makes me warm inside, and organizing the pantry is as exciting as winning a prize.

According to the Huffington Post, home organization is a major source of stress for most Americans. The results of a recent online survey revealed that 84 percent of recently stressed Americans worried that their home isn’t clean enough. As clutter rises, so does anxiety. Eventually, clutter can lead to decreased productivity. Cleaning reduces uneasiness and improves mental health. So grab your bucket and a pair of gloves and get to scrubbing.


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