Confidence Is Key: 3 Ways To Get Comfortable Asking Your Crush Out

By Shelby Davidson

There’s a common idea that regretting saying something is far better than regretting not saying anything at all, and if there’s one thing I’ve learned in my 21 years of age, it is that unspoken words get you nowhere.

We are living in the year 2016, people; a year of progress, breaking the norms and detaching ourselves from the shackles of a society where it’s only acceptable for men to ask women out in the traditional way. The only thing truly standing between you and asking your crush out is your own pride and lack of self-confidence, because let’s be honest, you have no other excuse.

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Reflecting on my last few years of college, the only moments I wish I could get back are the times I saw a cute guy at the gym and didn’t say anything or even when the person I had a crush on transferred schools before I could ask them out. Here are some ways to get comfortable asking your crush out so that you don’t make the same mistakes I did in the love department:

Practice with a close friend.

Take matters into your own hands and prepare for the situation by getting comfortable with your best friend first. Whenever I feel hesitant about what to say when I first approach someone, or if I need help with getting the nerves out, I just have one of my girlfriends pretend to be the person I’m crushing on. Have your friend play the part to the fullest extent and offer some different responses to get you ready for every scenario.

Casually approach the situation.

We don’t ever dive head first into the pool, do we? No, so you can’t jump into this situation by immediately asking your crush out. Introduce yourself first, generate some light conversation by asking how their weekend was and maybe introduce the question of what their future plans are for the upcoming week at that point. Like many situations in life, it is often about making whoever you are speaking to feel comfortable before you make them a little uncomfortable.

Believe in yourself and prepare for every outcome.

Finally, the most important quality you can exude before entering this situation is self-confidence. There is nothing more appealing to someone than a woman or man who is sure of themselves and ready to attack a situation with their full potential. Before approaching your crush, weigh all of the potential outcomes so that you are prepared for anything they may say. Have an alternative if they are busy the day you wanted to grab dinner, for example, or offer a more laidback option for seeing each other if a date seems too daunting.


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