Why Being Too Comfortable In A Relationship Won’t Work Out

By Natasha Zapata

senior-skip-day-2013_19888001140_oThere are many, many reasons why being comfortable in your romantic relationship can be very good. When you’re dating someone you want your significant other to know the good, the bad and the ugly, and for that person to be your best friend. However, you want to be careful of getting too comfortable if you want it to work out.

There are many things that can happen when one gets too comfortable in a relationship: procrastination, laziness and taking the other for granted.

Some examples of being too comfortable in a relationship are:

Completely letting yourself go and not putting any effort to your appearance. This is just being lazy, not comfortable. This doesn’t mean putting on your face every day, but just simply taking care of yourself. Sweatpants are great, but not for every occasion.

Not noticing the small things your significant other will do for you. It’s all about the thought that counts. You shouldn’t just get comfortable with your partner making you breakfast in the morning – they are doing something nice and thoughtful for you. Show that you’re appreciative.

Not respecting the others interests/hobbies. You may not like the same things, but you should respect them. That’s why people have friends – to do or talk about those interests and likes. Guys’ night and Girls Night Out are OK and should occur every now and then.

You’re spending time together but not really. Spending nights in, cuddling on the couch and watching Netflix is one of the things we love doing with our significant other. When your quality time is spent sharing an hour in the same room, doing your own things, you’re too comfortable.

img_8195_20080086861_oThe best thing about long-term relationships is feeling that comfort of being with the right person. The small things like redecorating the house, grocery shopping and going for a walk are what make the relationship so special and most secure. The big and grand gestures are fun, but there is quite nothing like waking up to the right person every morning.

Comfort levels in relationships grow as the relationship progresses from dating to being married. Once you’re with someone for so long, the formality disappears and the comfort level with him or her increases. It takes the relationship to the next level.

The key is to find the balance between trying to impress each other and being in that “whatever” mode. When the closeness turns into disregard and disrespect it’s time to take a step back. You don’t want your relationship to turn complacent because that’s when the feelings of disassociation, thoughtlessness and belittling enter the picture, which can cause a shift in your relationship.


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