Décor Therapy: Ways To Transform Your Bedroom Into A Zen Space

By Shelby Davidson

Living in the digital age makes life complicated and stressful, to the point where it’s nearly impossible to disconnect ourselves from our problems. Because it is so difficult to find peace in everyday life, it’s important to create this in our own home. This is where Zen comes into play, bringing elements of tranquility to the most personal safe haven: your bedroom.

Google defines Zen as a Buddhist concept that emphasizes meditation and intuition, but I see it as a happy medium between reality and fantasy. It is a state of peace where you can escape the distractions of the outside world, starting on a small scale by bringing this to the bedroom. Here are a few ways to get started creating your Zen paradise:

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Use earthy colors and warm tones

Incorporating soft tones that resemble the natural colors of the Earth like white, shades of beige, gray tones and light browns is beneficial because of the calming effects they have. Whether it be with bedding, rugs, furniture or decorations, try to keep the colors consistent with those that induce feelings of relaxation. Being exposed to natural colors will create an atmosphere of comfort.

Focus on soft and natural light

When I’m in my bedroom trying to unwind or focus on a homework assignment, the first thing I do is light a candle on either side of my room to establish symmetry and a natural-type ambiance. The candle wicks not only provide dispersed, warm lighting, but they also produce calming smells that will add to your bedroom’s Zen.  Avoid using overhead, fluorescent lighting, and instead focus on lamps that provide warm light, or make sure there is a constant source of natural light from windows.

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Keep furniture simple and natural

It can be difficult to pass up on the intricate oak furniture or the modern steel type bed frames, but focusing on the earthy colors we discussed earlier and more natural designs will contribute to the Zen atmosphere of your bedroom. Because Zen focuses on clean lines and minimalistic principles, matching those characteristics with your bedroom furniture will foster an environment of tranquility. Aim for natural wooden materials, plain white colors and simple designs.

Eliminate clutter and get organized

Clutter is one of many things that tends to inhibit relaxation. In order to feel more put together, start with eliminating the extra things in your bedroom. Make your bed every morning and keep symmetry within the room space, balancing both sides of the bed with equal amounts of photos and other items. Keep decorations to a minimum to match the minimalistic principles of Zen.

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