Top Movies That’ll Make You “Feel Good”

By Natasha Zapata

Watching movies was one of my favorite pastimes while growing up. We laugh, we cry, and we feel like we can conquer anything. There is just something about getting lost in a character(s) or story line that could tap into your “feels,” that when you’re done watching it you simply feel good.

Before writing this post I sat down to think about some of the movies I’ve seen that have made me “feel good.” The problem I found while doing this was trying to keep the list short. So I bunched a ton of them into some categories that I know some of your own favorites will be a part of.

Here were my picks:

1) Adam Sandler classics

Big Daddy, 50 First Dates and Billy Madison are all a person needs for a good laugh and “feel-good” moments. Sandler always manages to take us through a roller coaster of emotions while losing his “kid,” trying to get his girlfriend to remember who he is, and losing his dad’s hotel business.


2) Forrest Gump

A movie that takes you through the story of man telling his fascinating journey to strangers on a bus bench is filled with sweetness, charm and even heartache. Gump’s stories of his time in Vietnam, being a huge football star, and as a table tennis champion, are incredibly moving, as he has faced many obstacles but always comes out triumphant.

3) Finding Nemo, Toy Story 3, Up and pretty much every Pixar movie, ever.

Most of these will make you cry, but they will have you feeling good by the end. Up teaches us about love, loss and adventure. Finding Nemo shows us that family will go through anything for us, and Toy Story 3 will teach you that change is OK. You can’t ever go wrong with any of these.

4) Mrs. Doubtfire

It stars Robin Williams… need I say more? A father dresses up as a woman to be his kids’ nanny after he loses custody. It’s a heartwarming story about how family is what you make of it. Also Mrs. Doubtfire is the nanny we all wish we had.

5) Matilda

It’s truly incredible how optimistic this little girl was given the neglecting by her parents. Watching this as a kid, I always wanted to be Matilda’s friend to make her life a little better. Plus, she can do magic.

6) The Breakfast Club

This is one of those movies that everyone must see. This movie shows the different stereotypes there were back in the day with the cliques of the five students serving Saturday detention together. They later realize they’re not at all that different from each other.

7) Love, Rosie

Choosing The Notebook would have been incredibly cliché so I went my new favorite Romantic Comedy. Love, Rosie is about two best friends who kind of go back and forth about having feelings for each other, without ever telling the other. I’m sure you can guess what happens in the end, but it’s not your typical story about best friends falling in love.

8) Ferris Bueller’s Day Of

I remember watching this movie while I was in high school and thinking I should be living life like Ferris Bueller was. But of course I never did, so I just lived vicariously through him in this film.

9) Silver Linings’ Playbook

With the brilliant performances by Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence, this movie will have you feeling all of the feels. It’s a quirky movie on mental illness, family and love.

10) Elf

This movie is perfect for anyone who is lacking Christmas spirit or just needs a good laugh. Will Ferrell’s character Buddy can just about make anyone smile and make you feel all of the emotions.


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