It’s Not Your Clothes, It’s You!

By Edwin Exaus


Men and women have been stuck with the tough decision of choosing style over comfort for years. Whether it has been forcing their feet in a pair of shoes to impress a date, or sporting an outfit three sizes too small to show their friends he or she still has it. Many people squeeze, stuff, zip and wiggle themselves into garments every day, all in the name of fashion. But the battle shouldn’t be if you’re going to have to sacrifice your style for comfort or vice versa, but in fact, what comfortable outfit that you can put on and feel confident in all day.  

We all want to keep up with fashion trends and look photo shoot ready, but keep in mind we are all not Naomi Campbell. Even the world’s most notable supermodels wear army pants and flip-flops. Putting your physical and mental health at risk, isn’t worth the five minutes people will see you strutting your stuff in that new outfit. Fashion is a form of expression that enables individuals to flaunt their personalities and greatest assets. It’s not meant to make people feel self-conscious and restricted.

The quickest and safest way to feel comfy in your clothes is to buy clothes that fit your body type. Instead of getting something that fits perfectly and after a wash or two shrinks, get the next size up. This will not only fit well, but flatter your frame. Not every trendy item will fit your body, but there will be similar options that can get the job done.

Under any circumstance should you feel pressured to force yourself into a pair of jeans, shoes, or tops. You will feel uncomfortable and look uncomfortable everywhere you go. Rather keeping up with fast fashion, stick with classic styles that are repeatable season to season.


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