Introduction: The Connected Issue

Hello everyone, and welcome to the blog for the Orange and Blue Magazine!

We have a lot in store for the Spring 2017 term and can’t wait to share it all with you. The main theme of this upcoming issue is Connected. Our goal is to explore many different ways things can be connected to each other in everyday life.  

Merriam-Webster defines “connected” several ways, including:

  1. joined or linked together
  2. having the parts or elements logically linked together
  3. having social, professional, or commercial relationships

With such an open-ended definition, we believe connections come in all shapes and sizes, whether it’s between people, animals, food or even ideas. It could be a physical, spiritual, or cultural connection.

Each member of the O&B staff (Meet our team!) will be offering insight about how connection plays a role in his or her daily life, by creating connections with things they cherish the most.

Stay connected,

Ariana and Li


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