Ten Galentine’s Day Ideas Because our Friends are our Real Soulmates

By Elise Engle


For fans of NBC’s Parks and Recreation, Galentine’s Day is a well-known holiday. Every year on February 13th, Leslie Knope gathers her closest girlfriends for brunch and an exchanging of gifts. However, there are plenty of other ways to celebrate your gal pals and make St. Galentine proud.

1. Try a new coffee shop  

Branch out from your usual Starbucks order and finally visit that local coffee shop that’s been catching your eye. A new setting and laid-back vibes are perfect for catching up with your girlfriends.

2. Build a pillow fort

You’re never too old for a pillow fort! Invite your friends over for a night of wine, movies and an attempt to build the biggest fort possible.

3. Craft

When it comes to crafting, the possibilities are endless. You could paint wine glasses, decorate picture frames or explore Pinterest for some fresh ideas.

4. Make ice cream sundaes

Have each of your friends bring their favorite topping and go to town decorating your ice cream! Don’t act like you aren’t always looking for a reason to eat ice cream.

5. Go on the roof

Venture onto your roof and spend the night stargazing. Just remember to keep your distance from the edge!

6. Henna tattoos

They’re more permanent than temporary tattoos, but they still don’t last forever. Therefore, they’re the perfect way to explore your creativity without making any mistakes.

7. Get margaritas and tacos

Personally, there’s never a bad time for margaritas. (Tacos, maybe.) So, why would Galentine’s Day be any different?

8. Have an Instagram photoshoot

Dress up, find your favorite spot around town and take photos of each other! It’s always a nice feeling to post a photo where you feel confident. Afterwards, grab food at your favorite place and pick the perfect filter.

9. Take a day-cation

Drive a city over and see what it has to offer! Make a roadtrip playlist, and don’t forget to bring snacks.

10. Karaoke night

Bring out your inner Beyonce! No singing skills are required, and you’ll be surprised which of your friends have been hiding their talents for so long.


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