Welcome to the Wild Issue

Welcome to Orange and Blue Magazine.
In this issue, we apply the world “wild” as a definition of empowerment, self-expression and beauty in various forms. We ran with this idea while discussing the types of stories we would want to cover.
Each of us wanted to cover places, people and lifestyles which we not only found intriguing but refreshing and, oftentimes inspiring.
In terms of fashion, the zeitgeist of the ‘80s are coming back, with plenty of lamé and shoulder pads for everyone. With regard to the food industry, interesting restaurants have sprouted up in crannies of University Avenue, and we plan to delve into the stories and cuisine behind them. Regarding health and fitness, we cannot wait to show you some of the adventures our editors have taken in the pursuit of wellness.
With personality profiles, our goal has been to tell the stories of those who are making the world a better place by fostering their passions, volunteer initiatives and by living as their truest selves, empowering others to do the same.
So next time someone calls you “wild,” take it as a compliment, because we believe it is the best way to be.
Stay tuned to check out more of our content this semester.

Best wishes,
The Orange and Blue Staff


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