Spring 2017 Staff



Mary Kate Cobb

I’m a 20-year-old journalism major who is graduating this semester. After graduation, I have dreams of moving to the Big Apple to further pursue my journalism career. If I’m not at school or work, I love spending most of my time hanging out with my cat, drinking coffee and writing.


Chloe Stradinger

I study journalism and business at the University of Florida. I’m passionate about the editorial and business side of media and hope to get a job at a publication in a big city once I graduate. My taste buds never graduated from fourth grade, and I would eat toast and butter noodles for every meal if that was socially acceptable. Besides empty carbohydrates, my other loves include traveling, reading, napping and socializing.

Blog Editors


Ariana Brasman

I’m a senior journalism major with a minor in FYCS, and I’ll be graduating from UF in May. Also, I’m on the e-board of the Florida Magazine Student Association as the social media director. I grew up in south Florida before moving to Gainesville. Four of my favorite things include daily cuddle sessions with Simba, my one-year-old golden retriever, traveling, Game of Thrones and of course food—the sweeter the food the better!


Li Stalder

I’m a senior journalism major who will be graduating from UF this summer. I’m also the editorial director for UF’s Spoon University chapter, and I hope to continue working in the online media industry post-graduation. I have two loves in my life: food and Harry Potter. Sometimes I combine the two and make Butterbeer cupcakes (here’s the recipe—you’ll thank me later).

Art Director


Lauren Rowland

I’m a 22-year-old senior journalism major at UF. In my free time you can find me watching Hulu or obsessing over corgi puppies. Oh, and a lot of the time you can find me creating and designing fun projects.

Photography Editor

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Elise Engle

I’m a 22-year-old journalism major who will be graduating this semester. In the fall, I’ll be attending law school, with dreams of working in the media industry. My hobbies include looking at memes, spending most of my money at Starbucks and tweeting excessively. My friends are adamant that my life should be a TV show because weird things always happen to me, but I have yet to be approached by any reality show producers with legitimate offers.

Copy Editors


Jacob Embuscado

I’m a 21-year-old journalism major at UF. I love longboarding, watching cartoon comedies and playing video games in my spare time. I finally got to cross one thing off my bucket list, which was traveling outside of the country. I went with my mom to Dubai and China for a week, explored a wonderful mix of cultures and cheered her on while she participated in the Great Wall Marathon. My plan after graduation is to go back home to south Florida and search for job opportunities to further promote my reputation as a journalist.


Diana Illingworth

My passion for traveling and experiencing culture brought me from my home country of Ecuador to UF, where I will graduate this summer with a degree in journalism. Inviting me to a theme park or concert is the way to my heart. My hobbies include learning languages (I know how to say “Thank you” in 13!), spending time outdoors, playing the piano and admiring good storytelling.


Rebecca Rubin

I’m a senior journalism major who plans to graduate this spring. After graduation, I hope to pursue a career in entertainment journalism. I love to travel, and I’m obsessed with television and all things pop culture. I can ride my bike without using handle bars, and I have a phobia of Band-Aids.

Social Media Editors


Aileen Mack

I am a 22-year-old journalism major who is graduating this semester. I was born and raised in south Florida, and I’m an only child. I love stories in all forms and enjoy traveling, reading, pop culture and coffee with my oxygen. Fun fact: I watched 156 movies in 2016.


Janine Wolf

I’m a senior journalism major on the pre-med track. After graduating from UF in April, I will be joining Bloomberg News in New York City. Besides writing and studying, I also love to experience new cultures and meet new people through traveling. Though my favorite place in the world will always be NYC, I also enjoy visiting Europe (of which I am a citizen of—I lived in Germany) and Cambodia in Southeast Asia.

Marketing Directors


Alex Booth

I’m a senior who is majoring in journalism and minoring in business administration. I’m graduating this spring and currently applying for a job (so, if you know anyone, put in a good word for me). Something I’m really passionate about is photography because I love capturing beautiful scenes and telling stories through images. Other things I enjoy are interacting on social media, reading and cooking while watching the Food Network.


Nina Cusmano

I’m a senior from Jupiter, Florida, who is majoring in journalism and minoring in innovation. I’ll be graduating from UF at the end of summer. When I’m not on campus, I’m probably watching or playing soccer, drinking coffee or listening to NPR.



Nicole Irving

Adjunct Professor Nicole Irving is the owner and publisher of Giggle Magazine, the award-winning parenting and family magazine in Alachua County and Leon County, Florida. She also owns Wellness360 Magazine, a health and wellness magazine for Alachua County. Nicole, originally from New York, is a UF alumna with an honor’s degree in Sociology. She came to Gainesville in 1997 from Jupiter, Florida. Nicole is the mom to three boys and has been married to her husband and business partner Shane for 14 years. She currently sits on the Board of Directors for the Florida Magazine Association, a Leadership Gainesville Class of 38 graduate, a member of the Society of Professional Journalists  and an active member of the Junior League of Gainesville. Nicole won 2012 Business of the Year for Leading Women’s Enterprise, and she is a member of both the Gainesville and Tallahassee Chambers of Commerce.


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